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Virtual Tour Video Series

Episode 6: The Hisatsinom Hilltop Sites of the Verde Valley

Episode 6 Bonus Content

A Conversation about Site Stewardship with Rob Elliott

Verde Valley Archaeology Center & Museum Extended Tour

Join us on a virtual journey to central Arizona where you’ll visit two fascinating hilltop Pueblo sites and an elaborate cavate complex in the Verde Valley. This is the land of the Hisatsinom people, ancestors to the Hopi, who farmed the land and occupied evenly-spaced, large hilltop village sites throughout the valley from around 1150 to 1350 AD.

This film includes tours of two Conservancy preserves from this era, Sugarloaf Pueblo and Atkeson Pueblo, along with a visit to an impressive group of interconnecting cavates along Oak Creek. The virtual tour concludes with a visit to the Verde Valley Archaeology Center which features Hisatsinom artifacts from the Dyck Cliff Dwelling Collection.


  • Jim Walker
  • Ken Zoll
  • Monica Buckle
  • Rob Elliott
  • April M. Brown

Directed by April M. Brown

Runtime: 1 hour 1 min (Closed Captions in English)


Verde Valley



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